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Get to know who we are.. in AIESEC UTCC
All of us, AIESEC UTCC, composed of 5 functions - OGX (Out-Going-eXchange), ICX (In-Coming-eXchange), HR (Human Resource), FN (Finance)and CD (Coordinating). Of which closely monitored by LCP (Local Committee President). AIESEC is a student-run program, undoubtfully we are empowered and energetic to do the job, realizing that our core objective is to do exchange. So, get to know who are going to enhance your life!


Our LCP, Sui

Here we go - AIESEC CB

Nui, Tae, Su and (Fon) --- OGX

Beer, Nut, Jo, Bow --- (ICX) and Bu (CD)

Por (CD), Kate (HR), Toon (FC) and Jack (HR)

AIESEC UTCC Activity--1

AIESEC UTCC Activity--2

AIESEC UTCC Activity ---3

AIESEC UTCC Activity ---4

AIESEC UTCC Activity --- 5

AIESEC UTCC Activity ---6

AIESEC UTCC Activity ---7

There is always place for you here - Join us !!

AIESEC Dance !!!