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International Traineeship Exchange Program (ITEP)
What is ITEP?
We facilitate international traineeship exchanges and supporting activities that provide practical learning experiences for thousands of young people as trainees, and which also provides and incredible learning experience for our members and involved stakeholders.
The gratest of all the experiences we offer is the international exchange opportunity we give to over 5,000 young people every year, and more than 189,000 since our inception, placing bright students into a position lasting up to 18 months in every sector - business, public or civil society. To enrich that experience further we create opportunities for them to interact with their local environment and its challenges, supported by the members of our local offices.

Through our exchanges, we develop the leadership characteristics crucial for the future development of our communities. In addition to stronger managment capabilities our activities:
* Develop socially minded leaders who perform responsibly with all sectors of the community
* Facilitate interaction and appreciation of diversity between individuals of different cultures
* Create opportunities for individuals to be creative and to act in a proactive manner
* Develop individuals who practice experience-based and life-long learning
* Facilitate professional and personal development
* Facilitate individuals to concern about global and local issues and take corrective actions.


- Bachelor's Degree graduate or the forth year(or up) student.
- Ablility to communicate foreign language well (TOEFL 550/213-CBT or IELTS 6.5 or other language proficiency documents.)Third language would be advantage.
- Be flexible and adaptive to environments.

For more information:

AIESEC-UTCC exchange staff